Oslo, March 3rd 2021: The last year's experience with Covid-19 has accelerated the shift to digital amongst people - with an increasing number of people having access to mobile internet and more time spent online. A lot of the time online is spent on social and communication apps, as well as entertainment and media - with Facebook being a one of the top apps in many countries world wide.

In order to meet changing customer behavior and expand their digital reach, Digi Telecommunications Bhd. (Digi) in Malaysia has now recently launched Facebook Mobile Center.

Digi subscribers can now manage their subscriptions and buy additional data packs without having to leave Facebook. By clicking on Mobile Center in Facebook, the end-user will find a Digi branded telco shop . Here they can easily top up their mobile data balance without having to leave Facebook.


Example of what a Digi customer can see in Facebook.

The launch of Facebook Mobile Center in Digi is made possible through Digi's longlasting partnership with Telenor Digital and the Millom platform. Through one integration, Digi subscribers can now engage with their telco operator in various third party digital channels from Android's Mobile Data Plan to Facebook. This means no need to download an app and/or having to change the service they use. It allows for a customer experience designed around the customer, serving the customers in the moment of need.

About Facebook Mobile Center

The Facebook Mobile Center is a persistent operator pages with telco branding in the core Facebook app. It allows users to buy telco products and manage their subscription and is accessible to all Facebook users of an operator integrated.

About Millom

Millom provides a solution for telco operators to engage with their customers where they spend their time. It is the leading sales and distribution aggregator of third party digital channels, serving telcs and digital players world wide. With a single integration point to the Millom platform, telco operators are able to leverage the reach of big mobile apps and operating systems to sell, serve, and manage customer experiences. Millom is developed by Telenor Digital, a subsidiary of Telenor Group, providing telcos solutions modernising and montetising core telco assets. For more information about Millom go to millom.com.