Mobile Connect provides your customers with a secure, universal and simplified log-in experience. 

People have a hard time keeping up with the growing number of usernames and passwords they use to access online services. With Mobile Connect they get one digital ID solution that works across services and devices.

Benefits for the customer

Easy to use

Sign in with a single mobile number per account

Automatic user recognition


Mobile can be used to access service(s) on any device

Users can keep their account regardless of mobile operator


Authentication via Telenor over secure regulated networks

No personal data shared without explicit consent

Secure login with Mobile Connect on network connection

Secure login with Mobile Connect on Wifi

Benefits for the partner

Implementation & effect

Single set of APIs reduces complexity and costs

Enhanced user experience gives more frequent logins

Reduces end user friction and dropout rates

Management & revenue

Increase sales through a seamless and convenient login experience across any device

Security & support

Secure login increases user trust and loyalty

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