Operator Billing lets you offer your customers to pay for your products or services through the trusted phone bill.

Many people feel uncomfortable with using their credit card for digital purchases. Fear of fraud and uncertainty around how the transaction is handled prevents people from buying what they want online. Operator Billing solves this and helps you connect with non-credit card users and convert them to paying customers.

Offer your customers

Easy to use

Simple, one-click payment

Automatic user recognition

Enhanced user experience

Receipt SMS


No debit/credit card required

Digital content, all devices

Available to pre and post-paid users


Secure payment

Customer care

Example usage: One-click payment flow

Example usage: Subscription flow

Example usage: PIN flow

Benefits for the partner

Implementation & effect

Access to all Telenor markets through one point of integration

Easy payment through phone bill results in higher conversion rates compared to credit card

Management & revenue

Support for recurring payments from partner (subscriptions)

Refund functionality

Security & support

Safer payment using PIN dialogue

Support 24/7

Google increased revenues through Operator Billing

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