With Bundling & promotion your service can be bundled to a Telenor mobile user. The bundle can include one or more of your services, and can be offered as both a subscription or a one-time offer.

Configure your commercial offer for all customers or special customer segments using:

● Trial periods

● Discounts

● One-time offers

● Value codes, coupons  

Note: Bundling & promotion service is subject to commercial agreement with a local Telenor Business Unit

Example of Bundling & Promotion

Capture offers their cloud storage service to Telenor users through Bundling & promotion service with Telenor Norway’s mobile subscriptions

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Offer your customers

Easy to use

Self service portal (overview, cancellation)

Seamless user experience with attractive offers


Combine rights and subscriptions to build commercial offerings (discounts, one-time rights, try-out rights, freemium, etc.)


Telenor Digital security standard

Benefits for the partner

Implementation & effect

Access to all Telenor markets through one point of integration

Seamless integration with recurring payment

Management & revenue

Distribution of your service(s) to wide user groups in the Telenor family

Settlement can be issued by Telenor (if necessary)

Security & support

Provisioning and coordination of service activation done by Telenor

Support 24/7

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Combine our bundling & promotion services with flexible payment options and a secure login solution through our CONNECT Pack

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